Havoline® with Deposit Shield expands the definition of motor oil protection. It helps protect what today’s drivers care most about: performance, fuel economy and engine life.

Havoline is formulated to meet the driving needs of today and tomorrow. Our products are grounded in science. And so are our product claims. Read on and see why Havoline with the Deposit Shield formulation is proven protection.
Havoline has been on the road for over 100 years. As part of the Chevron Corporation we have continually innovated, invented and improved our products to make life for drivers around the world run more smoothly than ever.
Havoline motor oils are a direct beneficiary of our leading edge technologies. Chevron invented modern hydrocracking called ISOCRACKING, the widely-adopted base oil refining process that improves oil viscosity and removes impurities. We also invented ISODEWAXING, a process that reshapes the wax molecules into high-quality base oil molecules, transforming a negative into a positive. You don’t have to be a chemist to appreciate how clever that is.
In 1984, we pioneered the all-hydroprocessing route for making high-purity base oils that are as clear as water. Today, Chevron is the world’s leading developer and licensor of hydroprocessing technology.
We are also a leader in additive technology, from being the first to develop a motor oil providing “chatter free” performance for the 1925 Ford Model T to the groundbreaking Techron® gasoline cleaning additive used by automakers around the world to help keep engines free from harmful deposits.
Modern motor oils are complex blends of additives and base oils. Our leadership in both areas means we have advanced formulation expertise. We applied our knowledge and experience toward creating the next generation of motor oil for high-performance engines and the end result is the Deposit Shield™ formulation of Havoline.