Delo 400 - Freestate Petroleum

Freestate Petroleum tore down a Cummins ISX Engine with 1 million + Kilometers using Delo 400. The parts showed minimal wear and will continue to be used, extending the life of the vehicle.

Delo Gold Ultra - Golden Arrow Bus

Golden Arrow Bus Services achieves 630,000 kilometers in severe service in a MAN Bus using Caltex Delo® family of products.

Golden Arrow has a long integral history in the Capetown, South Africa market and is over 150 years old. They operate over 1,100 buses. Golden Arrow has a long relationship with Caltex and they are currently running their whole fleet on Delo Gold Ultra.

Delo 400 - Moolmans Komatsu V6

Aveng Moolmans – Tati Nickel Mine achieves 23,000+ hours in a Komatsu 785 mine haul truck using the Caltex Delo® family of products.

Aveng Moolmans is a large mining company operating a number of metal ore mines across the African continent. Their trucks haul up to 90 tons of material up 10 degree sloped haul roads in temperatures up to 35 degrees C. In the last 12 years, They have moved 109 million bank cubic metres of rock and nickel materials using Delo® 400 and Delo® XLC in their trucks without any engine failures.

Delo Gold Ultra - Fraser Alexander - Bell

A Mercedes Benz OM 906 AL operating in severe service for Fraser Alexander Bulk Transport in a Bell 20T Articulated dump truck hauling coal overburden, the engine has operated over 21,100 hours on Delo Gold Ultra T SAE 10W-40 (formerly Delo XLD SAE 10W-40) with minimal wear to the engine parts.

Delo 400 Multigrade - HJ Lind & Sons

A New Holland tractor achieves 16,000 hours to overhaul using Caltex Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40

Delo Gold Ultra - DP World Terminal

DP World Terminal Tractor achieves 57K hours using Delo Gold Ultra SAE 15W-40.

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ISOSYN® Technology

Our customers are under constant pressure to deliver more, in less time, with fewer resources. Their engines truly drive their business. That's why Delo® delivers the protection and confidence they need and why we created ISOSYN Technology. Learn more about ISOSYN Technology today.

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Oronite lubricant additives disperse deposits, inhibit corrosion, control oxidation and reduce friction and wear.

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