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Importantly, there has been some disbelief over the years from local Transport, Mining and Earth moving industry on Delo engine oil performance. Mainly arising from Testimonials viewed from Europe and USA, and quite rightly given the very different operating conditions in first world countries. However, now we have real Testimonials from these industries operating in Southern Africa! With machines working under our harsh temperature and road conditions and, crucially also running with 500ppm, high sulphur diesel fuel.

In 1935 Chevron’s predecessor, Standard Oil, launched a multipurpose engine oil named Delo - an acronym for Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil. Since then, with the development of ground-breaking ISOSYN technology and unique additive formulations produced by Chevron Oronite, Delo products now Rival Synthetic performance, and therefore remain at the forefront of engine oil technology, performance reliability.

Chevron are not only the largest base oil producers in the world today, they have consistently remained world leaders in lubricant technology. With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing finished products with premium base oils, Chevron’s world renowned quality assured lubricants, deliver excellent reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions. Chevron’s Delo Warranty on specific products listed is testament of performance, what other Petroleum or Lubricant company does this?

Chevron provide a true advantage to your bottom line. Turn the Delo Performance Advantage to your advantage, Contact Us today!

You can easily access each Product Bulletin in pdf format to view comparable specifications & the applications a specific lubricant caters for. Should you require any further information please Contact Us. We attend to all enquiries or queries within 24 hours of receipt.